Property management system features your hotel should be utilising

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October 15, 2020


Your property management system probably has lots of features to help you manage the entire guest’s journey, but are you utilising the most overlooked features? Interestingly, customisation and use of reports are some of the most adaptable and useful aspects of a PMS but are often underutilised by teams. Here’s a closer look at four untapped resources and how they can help in running your asset easily and more efficiently:

Customisable email templates

Using customisable email templates will help keep up brand consistency through all your email communications such as invoices, confirmation letters and check-in and check out forms. By being consistent in your messaging you can set your brand apart from your competitors, which is especially valuable in a highly competitive industry.

rate plan

Rate plan management

In today’s market, your hotel’s rates can be affected overnight as well as by a few different variables including, season, day, type of room and demand etc. Therefore, different rate plans are extremely necessary. A good property management system will allow you to quickly change rates across your calendar and easily assign them to reservations.

Customer data

Aside from a customer’s contact details, you should be able to access check-in times, length of stay and often dietary requirements. This type of data can tell you a lot about a customer’s lifestyle, for example, people travelling on business may check-in later in the day and only stay for the one or two nights. If you analyse your customer data carefully, often you will see a pattern emerging, which means you can start to tailor your packages to meet the needs of your guests.



Are you trying to optimise your bed management and increase revenue? Use detailed reports to make your decisions and analyse the performance of your hotel.

Reporting isn’t just for the accounts department, by comparing reports for different months, weeks or years you can analyse your busiest times and adjust your rates accordingly. Equally, you may notice that certain weeks are repeatedly quiet for you. Use the rate management aspect of your software to set up special offers for this period and notify your mailing lists.


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