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Single Traveller

April 25, 2018
Chloe Poole


With solo traveller numbers rising at double figure rates, and one in four saying that they will travel alone at least once in 2018 (MMGY Global data, 2017), we look at how you can attract the lone explorer to your hotel.

Whether for business or leisure, the lone traveller is no longer content with playing second fiddle to the couple, they now demand a personalised service designed to ensure that you are the travelling partner they didn’t know they needed.

With a number of the larger hotels designing custom packages for the lone traveller, we take a look at how you can easily adapt how you operate to attract this booming market.

  1. Safety first

Travelling on your own can be an intimidating prospect for many, it is important to let lone guests know that their safety is important to you. Offer candid information to lone travellers regarding the area best for single dining and arrange for trusted local guides and transport providers to be there to assist them should they need it.

  1. Great Rates

Historically, single travellers have been slapped with the standard ‘room rate’ that was designed to be split between the number that room sleeps. Most single adults don’t bin their double bed and bring in a single the minute they find themselves on their own, so why should they feel they have to do this whilst away?

By offering single sleeper rates on double rooms, you can capture the lone traveller market without compromising their experience. A rate management tool such as that offered as part of the acomos software makes this a simple change to implicate and manage.

  1. Travel Buddy

Lone traveller concierge services are a relatively new concept that have seen a huge increase in popularity over recent years. Hotels are recognising that often single travellers miss out on key experiences as they are unsure of aspects of their trip.

By calling ahead to offer a lone guest their own personal concierge service, the hotel can learn about the traveller’s plans for their trip, which will inform the creation of a tailored welcome pack (point 4). The concierge will be the guest’s main point of contact and will be at their service to enhance the solo travel experience.

  1. A Warm Welcome

Welcome packs are nothing new for established hotel names, whilst we don’t suggest tailoring a pack for each guest, ensuring that you have two versions of your current welcome pack, one for group/couple travellers and one for lone travellers will help the lone guest to feel that their stay is equally as important to you as any other. A pack including curated information and items tailored to a solo travel experience can leave a solo guest feeing unique and valued.

  1. An Open Door

Finally, it’s important to ensure that your lone guest knows that they are always welcome back, leave the door open to them by offering a return rate that is also applicable to group or couples bookings, after all, they may not be lone travellers for long or business travellers may choose to return for leisure with a partner or friends.


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