Travel after Brexit – what does the future hold?

March 6, 2019


The UK is set to leave the European Union on 29th March 2019. As the deadline fast approaches, both holiday makers and hotel owners are feeling the impact from Brexit on the hospitality industry.

Both opportunities and challenges have become apparent since the start of negotiations, but what does it mean for your industry?

Travel requirements

The European Commission and UK government have both assured the public that flights between the UK and EU will operate as normal and will not require a visa for a duration of less than 90 days. The announcement will come as good news to hotel owners across Europe, who should not see a drastic drop in bookings after the deadline.

Workforce shortages

The British Hospitality Association (BHA), estimated 12.3% of the UK hospitality sector workforce is currently made up of EU nationals. Since the Brexit vote, the UK has seen a drop in the number of new EU nationals applying for and filling British hospitality jobs. The decline in low paid skilled staff has created the opportunity for UK residents to fulfil a career in hospitality. Previously, the industry is often associated with millennials who see hospitality jobs as a temporary job or job alongside studies, and not as a long-term career. Staff investment and clear pathways for career progression should be high on employer’s agenda in order to retain staff and attract new employees.


According to Visit Britain Inbound Visitor Statistics, the UK has seen a rise in popularity of the “staycation” over recent years. Whether or not this is related to Brexit, many Brits are now opting for holidays in the UK rather than abroad, leaving behind the hassle of long security queues and airport delays. Convenience and costs are top priority when choosing a holiday destination.

VisitEngland Director, Patricia Yates, said: “More and more Brits are getting out and exploring all that the UK has to offer, and driving the value and importance of tourism throughout the nations and regions.”

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