How to prepare for peak season at your hotel

With peak season just around the corner, many hoteliers are preparing for the busiest time of the year. A well-prepared hotel will set you up for a successful summer and create a lasting impression on your guests.

To ensure your hotel is ready for the peak season we’ve listed a number of preparation tips.

Cut down on unnecessary admin with a hotel management software

A property management system such as acomos can dramatically reduce unnecessary admin tasks and free up your staff for more important jobs. Features include automated booking confirmations, invoices, and reminders all personalised to match your brand. acomos can also take care of your booking cancellations with minimum disruption. Cancellation fees can be automatically prompted on reservation cancellation to minimise the loss of earnings and the booking will be released back for sale.

Upsell your product and services

Peak season is the ideal time to upsell at your hotel and generate extra revenue.  Upselling is the process of soft selling additional services and facilities during the time of booking. However, there is also the chance to further upsell at the hotel front desk or during the stay. Some examples of upselling include:

Minimum Bookable Nights – though a PMS such as acomos you can set minimum night durations during peak periods to increase your occupancy.

Room Upgrades – give your guests the option to upgrade from a standard to a deluxe room.

Restaurant or Spa – if you have a restaurant or spa on site, add a selection of meal or spa options to entice guests. Small added extras such as wine on arrival can generate large revenue in the long run.

All of the above can be managed with acomos though your website and integrated with online travel agents.

Utilise and grow your customer database

Reach out to your former customers through eye catching email newsletters and highlight your peak season offers. As this time of year welcomes an influx of new customers, it is also a great time to build on your existing contact database. Identifying your target market will also help you to grow your customer base and create email targeted campaigns.

Make your website summer ready

Your website is the first impression you give to a potential customer.  Give your website a summer makeover to prepare for peak season and improve its ranking on google.  Your website descriptions, images, facilities, blogs and promotions should all reflect the new season and its summer offers. You can further persuade travellers to book with you by highlighting your summer promotions on your homepage. Talk to us if you would like to know more about an acomos website.


Find out how acomos can help you prepare for peak season by emailing [email protected].

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