Join STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ get free access to Google Hotels

November 15, 2021


STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ is a brand new and fast growing hotel booking portal with free access to Google Hotels.

STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ is a travel club created for you to travel for a better price. A member enjoys exclusive discounts because of more than 300,000 hotels listed worldwide.

For you and your hotel, STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ gives free access to Google Hotels and a worldwide audience for your property. STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ gives you its award property management system (PMS) free for use in your monthly subscription as a result of you signing up for listing your hotel.

STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ is integrated with real-time availability and automatic inventory updates available for distribution channels including:

Google Hotels, SiteMinder, Octorate, Vertical Booking, Rate Gain, Synxis, Ermeshotels, Avail Pro, Travel Click and Dingus.

We will look after your guests from booking to departure from one single screen. The PMS dashboard is the perfect snapshot to make the daily running of your property simple and stress free.

What do members get?

STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ has discounted rates and special offers. Membership is free for travellers. CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY and get yourself the latest offers.

How do I list my hotel?

List your hotel on STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ and you pay just a fixed monthly subscription. CLICK HERE FOR THE PRICING CALCULATOR to see how much the subscription is.

You can be on STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ in 7 days from receipt of your deposit.


STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™ Stay Full.

About Us

Hospitality property management software designed from our experience and a travel portal giving access to a global guest audience. Designed as a result from listening to you. Innovative hotel and travel services give a unique insight into the management and performance of the property.

True hospitality and more bookings is what you get. Move over to STAYBOOKED™ from Acomos™.


Acomos™ and STAYBOOKED™ is fully integrated with each other. They have real-time availability and automatic inventory updates between each other resulting in accurate information. A room booked through STAYBOOKED™ when using Acomos™ property management system will automatically update your records meaning you will always know who is arriving and when.

Service Desk

We have a 24 hour, 7 days a week service desk to support you giving you complete peace of mind.

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